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Master of Data Science & Machine Learning

The bundle further includes a module with in-depth learning about.

program modules

  • fundamentals
  • python
  • machine learning
  • data science
  • big data
  • deep learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • 47 individual certificates
  • 1 master certificate
  • 500+ hours of learning
  • 14 days money bank Guarantee

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About this

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The importance of a V-Degree is quite significant as it allows you to avail desired job opportunities and avail masters in machine learning. This degree is a bundle of courses that includes the best machine learning certification and different other courses and you can always choose your machine learning online course with certificate for enhanced knowledge and eventually practical skills as well.


Note that we are not providing any Standard Master’s Degree as our service only includes a bundle of courses that helps upgrade your professional skills and grab a V-degree.

why choose us

Completely Verified and Recognized content to help improve your machine learning specialization and avail machine learning certificate.

Provides 100% satisfaction in e-learning courses for data science and machine learning and allows you to study at your own pace.

Our award-winning machine learning certifications allow you to achieve awards and positions in your industry.

47 individual courses and 1 Master's Certificate
Money-back Guarantee

key highlights

  • 47 Individual Certificates & 1 Master Certificate.
  • quality education & career specific topics.
  • career development & mentor support.
  • highly professional tutors around the globe.
  • 7 in-depth modules.
  • engaging & informative lectures.
  • 500+ hours of learning.
  • latest & enhanced technologies.
  • Learn And Practice Best Machine Learning Course Methodology.
  • recognized certificate and virtual degree.

what you will learn

Studying and implementing these advanced data science and machine learning modules can help you receive your professional virtual degree and eventually become an advanced and skilled professional within the industry. You can avail our machine learning masters and become a professional masters in machine learning with our updated and professional bundles. Our virtual degree will help you learn:

data sciences
(03 courses)

machine learning
(15 courses)

(09 courses)

big data
(07 courses)

deep learning
(04 courses)

artificial intelligence
(06 courses)

data analysis
(03 courses)

(07 courses)

(02 courses)

curriculum section


The Master Of Deep Learning bundle includes different modules for professional V-Degree

Module 1:

fundamentals (3 courses)

Module 2:

python (9 courses)

Module 3:

Machine learning (15 courses)

Module 4:

data science (3 courses)

Module 5:

big data (7 courses)

Module 6:

deep learning (4 courses)

Module 7:

artificial intelligence (6 courses)

master certificate &

Yoohoo offers certificates for both 47 individual courses and 1 Master Certificate that are fully recognized and provide training and online education with professional tutors. Our bundle comprises 47 courses across seven modules, presenting an opportunity to attain 47 Individual Certificates and 1 Master Certificate. To qualify for the Master's Certificate, a minimum video watch time of 80% is required. We offer both easy and skillful learning methods, ensuring applicability for all members. Our certificates enhance career development, potentially earning your professional awards with our commitment to quality education and customer support.

what's included

We at Yoohoo Academy aim to provide online learning and training in different areas like data science machine learning which can help in your career development. We offer different modules and career-specific courses and skills which can be implemented for better opportunities.

advanced learning material

professional trainers & tutors

24/7 customer support

quality education with recognized certificates

14 days money back guarantee

master certificate

technology & tools covered

enhanced tech & tools that can be used in this program

jobs that can be applied by you

  • machine learning engineer
  • NLP engineer
  • data scientist
  • business intelligence analyst
  • AI research scientist
  • and many more!
  • computer vision engineer

companies hiring

reviews & ratings

Frequently Asked Questions

We have seven different modules in which 47 courses can be studied by anyone who buys this bundle as we never charge extra or any hidden charges for different courses.

The concept of a Master Certificate is the mixture of modules, courses, training, and projects studied in an online manner. It can be achieved only after studying 47 courses with a watch time of above 80%.

A Master's Certificate can help you enhance your concepts, gain a comprehensive certificate of all 47 courses, be equipped as a data scientist, have career development, and further job opportunities.

Yes, we have various professional tutors who have experience in these modules and courses of several years along with significant industry experience which makes them highly authentic and verified for education material.

Yes, we provide 47 different certificates for a similar number of different courses along with a Master Certificate which shows overall experience and helps become a data scientist and a master specialist. Once you complete all courses we give you a Master Certificate which can help you with grabbing different career opportunities and improve your overall professional development.

Yes, actually we at Yoohoo provide online learning opportunities in which recorded lectures are available in different modules and you can freely study at your own pace. We understand today’s fast-paced environment and thus allow people to have this ease for enhanced learning.

No, we don’t charge any extra fees for studying multiple modules as there is only one fee for the complete bundle in which different modules are easily available.

Yes, you can certainly avail of our machine learning certifications as we provide both data science and machine learning courses. You can become an expert with our machine learning specialization and enhance your skills along with career development.

Yes, we provide all the courses only in an online manner along with a certificate as well. Our data science and machine learning course is based on quality and professional videos that can help improve your skills. One of the reasons for our best machine learning certification is that we ensure that every concept is clear and every query is answered for better future opportunities.

yoohoo academy providing online learning & career development opportunities