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Offering over 150 hours of content, Yoohoo Academy Ethical Hacking Courses and Cyber security training courses equip you with the right set of skills to become a professional in this emerging networking domain. In this 20 course bundle, learners will get to explore comprehensive approaches to secure the infrastructure, including protection of information and data, running risk analysis and mitigation, achieving compliance, architecting cloud-based security and much more. Our experts can help you become a computer security expert in a limited time.

Obtain International Council of Specialization Recognized Certification

By the end of every Yoohoo Academic Entrepreneurship bundle course, learners receive a verified certification, recognized by the International Council of Specialized Online Certifications.

A 20 Courses Cyber Security Training Package - Master in Yoohoo Academy Cybersecurity Courses

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Yoohoo is an elearning platform established to help aspiring and experienced professionals study online. Providing a variety of top-quality online courses by industry experts using real-life case studies, Yoohoo has assisted thousands of learners to obtain authentic certifications in various fields.

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Online Cyber Security Courses Bundle

Giving you foresight and tools to turn all odds in your favor, Yoohoo offers 20 courses bundle for learners. Avail the top-notch networking skills by enrolling in our online courses today!

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020 &
Computer Forensics

Gain insights into ethical hacking techniques related to IT surveillance and Computer forensics.

4.9 Rating

3553 Enrolled

Python for Offensive
Penetration Testing

A comprehensive guide with instructions to help you become a certified penetration tester.

4.5 Rating

2900 Enrolled

Wireless and
Mobile Hacking

Acquire fundamental rules behind mobile device security and network architecture.

4.5 Rating

4659 Enrolled

System Hacking
& Security

Explore knowledge regarding the computer systems and the vulnerability it is associated with.

4.9 Rating

3487 Enrolled

Linux for

Covers key objectives to make learners a professional in the pentesting field.

4.9 Rating

3304 Enrolled

Hacking Web
Service and Web

Get to know various tools and strategies to compromise web application protection.

4.5 Rating

2554 Enrolled

Network Design
and Security

Network design and security architectures are easy to understand through this course’s tutorials.

4.8 Rating

4504 Enrolled

Network Administration
& Monitoring

Learn the tactics to cut down network security threats and develop professional skills to evaluate network applications.

4.9 Rating

2804 Enrolled

Complete Systems
& Application

A comprehensive study on cloud infrastructure, endpoint device security, and related systems security.

4.7 Rating

3568 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:
Complete Guide
to Cyber Risk

Learners can master the skills of risk management with detailed evaluation methods.

4.5 Rating

4586 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:

Explore insights of encryption methods essential in the public ledger model.

4.9 Rating

2913 Enrolled

Windows Security
& Servicer Management

From Windows Server installation to configuring users and security, explore everything in great detail.

4.9 Rating

2954 Enrolled

Core Fundamentals
of CEH - Certified
Ethical Hacking

Become a professional in ethical hacking methodology for a comprehensive assessment of system security.

4.9 Rating

3236 Enrolled

Achieving 100%
Compliance in Data
Security Policies

Hone your expertise in planning smart data security strategies and their execution.

4.9 Rating

4536 Enrolled

Computer Network

Obtain knowledge regarding network design to achieve improve better business results and ensure innovative solutions.

4.6 Rating

4504 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:
Expert Disaster
Recovery Planning

Understand the components of the latest cyber risks and improve expertise on responding to those disasters.

4.7 Rating

4336 Enrolled

Mastering Access
Control in Data

Explore various forms of access control systems and their executions through this course.

4.5 Rating

2265 Enrolled

Social Engineering

Comprehensively obtain information on key elements of social engineering as a White hat hacker.

4.9 Rating

4653 Enrolled

Wireless Networks
Security 2020

Enhance analytical and demonstrated skills in wireless information security assessment.

4.9 Rating

6343 Enrolled

Operating Systems
Security 2020

Establish credibility across a set of interoperating systems by learning result-driven techniques.

4.9 Rating

3465 Enrolled

What Sets Yoohoo Online Ethical Hacking Courses Stand Out?

Being a leading platform for ethical hacking online courses, Yoohoo also offers the below features that keep learners recurring to them.

Comprehensive knowledge of cyber security and ethical hacking in just 1 bundle

Availability to 20 insightful ethical hacking courses, cyber networking and much more

A simple method to learn the complex field of networking with the latest information

Certified cyber security experts teach lessons

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