Master in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
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Become a Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
Superhero with 150+ Hours of Training

In our complete ethical hacking masterclass course, you will learn from scratch how to master Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. This course offers more than 150 hours of content starting from a beginner level and working your way up to some more advanced ethical hacking skills.

The skills you learn in this course can help translate into the workplace and help you further your career as a Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking professional.


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Yoohoo is an e-learning platform that aims to create hope and develop people through providing high quality online courses taught by industry experts.

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Courses Included in This Bundle

In this 20 courses bundle, we equip you with the latest knowledge and insights that give you foresight and tools to turn all odds in your favor for the year ahead.

The "Master in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking 2021” is a dream come true for every cyber security expert and budding ethical hacker who wishes to not just stay, but stay ahead in the game, with top-notch skills for their field.

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020: IT
Surveillance &
Computer Forensics

Practical ethical hacking techniques of IT Surveillance and Computer Forensics

4.9 Rating

3553 Enrolled

Python for Offensive
Penetration Testing

Step-by-step instructions and working examples to make you a skilled penetration tester.

4.5 Rating

2900 Enrolled

Wireless and
Mobile Hacking

Learn basic principles behind mobile device security and mobile network architecture.

4.5 Rating

4659 Enrolled

System Hacking
& Security

Learn all about computer systems and their vulnerabilities.

4.9 Rating

3487 Enrolled

Linux for

Learn key objectives needed to perform as a professional.

4.9 Rating

3304 Enrolled

Hacking Web
Service and Web

Learn various tools and techniques to compromise Web Application security.

4.5 Rating

2554 Enrolled

Network Design
and Security

Learn all about network design and security architectures

4.8 Rating

4504 Enrolled

Network Administration
and Monitoring

Learn to reduce network security threats and develop the skills to monitor network applications.

4.9 Rating

2804 Enrolled

Complete Systems
& Application

Learn concepts in endpoint device security, cloud infrastructure and related systems security.

4.7 Rating

3568 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:
Complete Guide
to Cyber Risk

Master the risk management framework with comprehensive assessment methods.

4.5 Rating

4586 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:

Learn encryption methods inherent in the public ledger model.

4.9 Rating

2913 Enrolled

Windows Security
& Server Management

Explore everything from Windows Server installation to configuring users and security.

4.9 Rating

2954 Enrolled

Core Fundamentals
of CEH - Certified
Ethical Hacking

Master an ethical hacking methodology for complete system security assessment

4.9 Rating

3236 Enrolled

Achieving 100%
Compliance in Data
Security Policies

Sharpen your skills in devising effective data security policies and implementation.

4.9 Rating

4536 Enrolled

Computer Network

Learn network design to achieve enhanced business outcomes and accelerate innovation.

4.6 Rating

4504 Enrolled

Ethical Hacking
Practices 2020:
Expert Disaster
Recovery Planning

Learn insights to latest cyber risks and enhance skills on responding to disasters.

4.7 Rating

4336 Enrolled

Mastering Access
Control in Data

Learn different access control systems and their implementation

4.5 Rating

2265 Enrolled

Social Engineering

Learn and explore key elements of social engineering as a White Hat Hacker

4.9 Rating

4653 Enrolled

Wireless Networks
Security 2020

Acquire practice and analytical skills in wireless information security assessment.

4.9 Rating

6343 Enrolled

Operating Systems
Security 2020

Learn techniques for establishing trust across a set of interoperating systems

4.9 Rating

3465 Enrolled

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Yoohoo is an e-learning platform that aims to create hope and develop people through providing
high quality online courses taught by industry experts.

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