Core Fundamentals of CEH - Certified Ethical Hacking

Learn the fundamentals of Ethical Hacking and kick start your cybersecurity career in the best way possible.

Cybersecurity is one of the top 10 IT skills demanded by employers all around the world, and a Cybersecurity expert must be an expert in Ethical Hacking as well. There are new security threats that come out now and then. Without a certified ethical hacker who knows how to protect a system from security threats, a company cannot function safely and can lead to loss of data that can be worth millions or even billions of dollars, depending upon the size of the company and the importance of the data that was lost. If you want to be an Ethical Hacker and kick start your career in an in-demand field like cybersecurity, YooHoo Academy is offering a certification that will help you master your ethical hacking skills and might even help you land your first job in cybersecurity.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Ethical Hacking and different styles of hacking
  • How a website’s security system work and how exploitable bugs can be found?
  • How to install and use Kali Linux, the number one Ethical Hacking operating system?
  • How to network penetration testing and hacking is done?
  • How to exploit Wi-Fi’s security?
  • How to stay safe from DoS attacks?
  • How to avoid SQL injections?

What skills you will be gaining from this Certified Ethical Hacking Course?

  • You will be experienced enough to use various penetration testing and hacking tools
  • You will be able to successfully secure wired and wireless networks from hacking attacks
  • You will learn how to find exploitable bugs in a website or in an app and how those bugs can be exploited
  • Exploit the security of other systems using an already affected system.

Your Instructor

Yoohoo Academy
Yoohoo Academy

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Adam Meiger

Online courses are a blessing for me. Yoohoo Academy gave me so many options to learn in my free time and excel in my performance at work.

Zeina Wessam

The course was fun to learn and there was no pressure at all with timings. I kept learning at my own pace and now using the lessons in my practical life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the course duration?
The duration of Yoohoo Academy Certified Ethical Hacking Course is dependent upon your pace. You may start right here, right now, and take it on as you please.
2. What is the duration of my access to the course?
You’ll be glad to know that your access to the course is for a lifetime! That’s right, just enroll in the course and access it anytime, anyplace, and on any device, you please.
3. What if I find this course unsatisfactory?
Though all our courses have a high degree of customer satisfaction, in case you are displeased with the course, contact us within the first 30 days of your purchase and get a complete refund free of any hassle.
4. Do you provide refunds in case the course is not what I expected?
As we stated before, Yoohoo Academy Certified Ethical Hacking Course comes with a complete and unconditional refund. Our money-back guarantee can be availed within the first 30-days of the purchase of any course. We have had only limited such courses where we had to offer a refund, but when we had to, we did. 100% funds returned. That is our promise.

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